Reasons why I should not become an artist...

Art is my passion but unfortunately like a summer storm, it comes and goes very quickly.  Images and ideas beat around in my head and won't stop until I give them life.  Once I've reached a certain point where I can judge how it is going to turn out, I stop.  It takes wild horses to get me to finish it.

Stephen's Impish Smile

Little Impish Stephen - Lead Pencil 2002

Copied from an old photograph of Stephen impishly smiling from his father's shoulder.
Unfinished - drawing people is my weak point.
Humming Bird

Humming Bird - Colored Pencils 1999

Just to see if I can still do it after 19 yrs.
Total of 3 hrs but took another 2 months to do the last 30 min with Stephen breathing down my neck.
Roasted Cat

Season's Greetings - Fine Point Marker 1994

Brought to you by the Canine Company per Stephen's request
Stephen wanted a unique card to send out and asked me to draw a cat for Christmas dinner.
Le Chateau Saumar, Loire

Le Chateau Saumar, Loire - Fine Point Pen 1992

Spotted a postcard on a wall and doodled while waiting for a system test to complete.
Finished - I was really, REALLY bored.
Minimalist Lady

Minimalist Lady - Lead Pencil 1989

Wanted to see if I could do a Nagel style of drawing.
Unfinished - Got bored and didn't like how it was turning out.
Stained Glass Landscape

Stained Glass Landscape - Acrylic Paint 1986

Proof of concept for a stained glass design and to see if I can do modern art.
Unfinished - Not very orginal, life is too short.