Washington, D.C.

I spent four days in the Washington, D.C. area and it was not enough.  I can't believe that I missed the Library of Congress.  As a book worm, that should have been the first thing I saw.  No, nix that, the National Air & Space Museum was and still is my number one choice followed by the Smithsonian.  I will need to go back and catch the things that I missed.  There are other nice pictures of famous monuments, museums, buildings, etc. that are not shown because, as the old saying goes, it had been done before.  Same thing could be said about some of these pictures but I have to show something for the amount of walking I did.  There are a couple rolls of film that went MIA somewhere as well.  One thing of note is that there may be a lot of military personnel in the D.C. area but I couldn't help but notice all the young men and women who looked like kids playing soldier in their uniforms.  They were that young.  God bless each and every one of them.  May He watch over them and bring them safely home.


National Air & Space Museum

National Gallery of Art West Reflected off of the

National Air & Space Museum


National Gallery of Art West

National Gallery of Art West

St. Matthew Cathedral in D.C.

Cathedral of St. Matthew

The Apostle

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Lincoln Memorial


Lincoln Memorial

You can only see the words on the panel

behind the columns in the slide

Korean Veteran Memorial


Korean War Veterans Memorial

"Freedom Is Not Free"

Vietnam Memorial Wall


Vietnam Memorial Wall

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Ripley Center

Ripley Center and Monument

Smithsonian Institution


Smithsonian Arts and Industry

Arts & Industries

Smithsonian Institution


Peacock Room


James McNeill Whistler's Peacock Room

Freer Gallery of Art

Smithsonian Institution




US Botanic Garden

US Botanic Garden - Conservatory


White House

Executive Residence

or in other words

The White House

Bartholdi Fountain


Bartholdi Fountain, Bartholdi Park

Named after Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, the sculptor of the fountain pictured and The Statue of Liberty


US Capitol

US Capitol

Right before the thunderstorm

Brumidi's Frieze - Rotunda

Frieze of American History, US Capitol's Rotunda

Constantino Brumidi's Frieze depicting 16 historical scenes from Columbus's discovery of America to the flight of the Wright brothers


National Statuary Hall

National Statuary Hall, US Capitol

With a statue from each State, the engineers had to relocate and position them due to the heavy weight



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