03/09/04 Waste drains & preparation for steel I-beam



Today is Tuesday. Plumber was out Saturday and Monday installing the waste water drains for the basement and connecting the old stack from the upper floors to the new main sewer. Prior to this there had been temporary plumbing connecting the stack to the sewer.

Also note the prep work for the steel beam which will be pushed up between the joists instead of supporting them from below. These pictures actually span several days. Temporary bracing has been installed on either side of the existing beam to support the weight of the house. In the later pictures the old wooden beam has been completely removed and the joists have been cut.

The steel beam will be pushed between the joists, and the joists will hang on the lip of steel (a steel plate was welded to the bottom of the beam to make a wider shelf to hang the joists on). The steel beam will allow us to span a longer distance so that we can have a large room with no support post in the center, and pushing it up into the joists will allow us to have a high ceiling with no support beam visibly hanging down.