02/19/04-Morning Devastation

We knew they were going to dig up our front yard to install a new sewer line and a new water line, but we didn't quite expect our street to be closed down to one lane, with traffic backed up and our front yard looking like a scene of total devastation. The new sewer line was buried 9 feet deep to end up below our new slab. They tunneled under our sidewalk in 3 places and under some tree roots to avoid damage to the tree or the concrete. We were without water for just one night. It was too dark to take pictures when we got home, so these are from the next morning.

Do you have a backhoe in your backyard? I do.

02/19/04 Evening

Burying everything. The mounds of dirt will slowly settle back into the holes over the next several months.

They hit our neigbors gas line, so the gas company was out to fix it.