Controlling sound

So you're building a home theater space. Even if you have a cool significant other who enjoys action movies, you might want to try to control sound so that you can have a conversation in another room while someone is watching a movie. We didn't go crazy on sound control, but we did what we reasonably could.

There were a number of things we did:

Some of these ideas were ours, some were the consulting engineer's. Did we succeed? I would say yes. You can sleep on the second floor while someone watches a movie in the basement at moderate (not quiet, not loud) levels.

We also had advice from someone who used to be a high-end installer and is currently a manufacturers rep for a high end audio manufacturer. His opinion was that a lot of people go to great lengths to make a room completely dead, with double drywall and inflexible floors. In his opinion, you need some flex to the room or bass in particular has nowhere to go except to echo around the room.