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Friends From The Big Sandbox

The idea for this page came about when I started to receive a lot of cool pictures from my friends who are deployed in the desert.  One is a personal friend and the others I got to know through a support group called Operation Military Pride.  As I started to know each of them better, I discovered wonderful things about each of them.  There are many hidden talents among our men and women of the armed forces that you do not read about.

These are a few of my friends from the big sandbox.  Please join me in thanking them for their hard work and dedication when the call to duty  brought them away from their home and love ones.

Note:  Photos are copyrighted by the respected owners.  Originating source for some are unknown.

Click on the pictures below to view their web page.  BTW, I was playing around and broke these pages in Netscape - will fix later.

SSG Richard Stevens

US Army

MSG Franklin Miller

US Army


Task Force BOBCAT

Aloha from Afghanistan

Life in Iraq for the 101st FSB

(China Nod to Frank M.)

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Pictures from Various Sources