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Task Force Bobcats

2nd Battalion, 5th Infantry

Ever wonder what the Bobcats do for fun?   Try conducting the world's most dangerous marathon in the Taliban's backyard, Afghanistan.   Over 200 military and civilian runners flew in from all over Afghanistan to participate in a little over 5 laps of rough terrains.  If the rocky road is not enough, try running in a combat zone with attack helicopters and fast attack jets flying over head.   Then there is the added excitment of the possibility of attacks by insurgents.   Not quite the same as their sister Honolulu marathon held on the same day in the States is it? It was an experience to remember as one of them puts it.   To sweeten the memory, one of their very own won the marathon in 3:15. Ooorrraahhhh!!!

Be sure to click on picture for a larger image and see their smiling faces.


TK Marathon

Honolulu Marathon...Bobcats Style


Getting Supply

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol in the Urazgan Provence

Afghanistan Mtn View

Mountain View in Afghanistan

Charlie Company

Charlie Company

Charlie Company

Stopped at a break, pick up by air cuz...

Charlie Company

Chest Deep

Charlie Company

Bottomed Out

Charlie Company

Snowed in...only way in and out is by air

Charlie Company

Spring is Coming...Time for a Cookout

Charlie Company

Burn Baby Burn!

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