About Me

What could I say about myself that would really tell you anything about me?

I'm a night person, living in a world of morning people. I find it hellish.

I have less patience than I ever had for friendships where I put out a lot more effort maintaining the friendship than the other person does.

I enjoy the arts. I try to see at least one Lyric Opera production every year, even though it's very expensive. And if anyone from Lyric is reading this: No, I will never buy a subscription series. Quit calling me.

I love going to the Art Institute of Chicago.

I enjoy hiking. My fondest memories and some of my best trips have been to National Parks.

I'm a guy and I grow orchids. You want to make something of it?

I dislike fundamentalists, irrespective of creed. Trying to force others to conform to their beliefs seems to be a common theme among all fundamentalists. "My way is the only right way" is intolerance and disrespect for the beliefs of others.

I like jazz. And classical music. And rock. I think I'm selective about what I like within those genres, but it's almost easier to say what I don't like than what I do. I find most "20th century art music," as my music professor in college fondly called it, in a word, bad. When it comes to jazz, there's a lot I like and even more I would take a pass on, but "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis is really good, and I've recently really liked some Cannonball Adderly that my wife came across. What rock do I like? The Cure, Love and Rockets, Abra Moore, Peter Gabriel. Don't care for country, thank you.

Oh, and I think Rick Santorum is a tool.

I really need to get a new picture, but for now, here's the one I've had up forever. Me

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