About this site

My new home page

I took most of the layout for this page from Dan Nguyen's page, which is currently in a state of disrepair.

Dan's page/layout was very cool because it didn't use frames, or tables, or javascript. It used straight html combined with a cascading style sheet.

My homepage had been the same for a long time. It was very simple, without frames or menus. It was great, when I first put it up 5 years ago, but long overdue for a makeover.

It started life on a server at uic.edu, since I had a friend who was a sysadmin there.

Most of the pages linked off of this one look as they always have. As time goes by I will convert them to be consistent with the new layout.

Thanks to Bich-Thuy for her help on setting up the hover and framing for images in cascading style sheets.

If you want to use my images, send me an email and ask and I'll probably give permission so long as the use is not commercial.

The background image is from a flooded trail in Hetch Hetchy. The quote is from a Robert Frost poem.

 the road